100pcs Wholesale waist beads

$ 280 $ 252

This listing is for 100 waist beads.

**Leave me a note during checkout for the required sizes**

There are many reasons why African waist beads are worn.
Some of the reasons include:

  • They help women maintain their figures
  • They act as a symbol of sensuality and femininity.
  • Weight control measure. When you lose weight, the beads fall on the hips. When you gain, the beads become tight.
  • Used for ornamental and beautification.


This listing is for 100 waist beads like shown above. Select during checkout if you would like clasp finish or tie ons. Clasp ones are on a fishing line with a clasp for closure while tie ons are on a cotton thread.

Measure your waist depending on where exactly you want to tie them.They are usually tied above the hips and below the navel.

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